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Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a  Frequently Asked Questions

What does Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a do ?
Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a is a matrix calculator that solves for and displays the result of a number
of matrix operations like:addition,multiplication,transpose,cofactor matrix, adjoint,determinant,
inverse,simultaneous equations, row echelon form, lower triangular and upper triangular.
What is CDM?
CDM is the technology used by Softworkz Innovation Inc. in Digital Rights Management
as well as during the licensing process.
What does Invalid CDM mean?
The Invalid CDM message may come when during the licensing process an Ok or Cancel button
is clicked when the activation code edit box is empty.
Generally, any anomally in the activation code may result in the Invalid CDM
message popping up.
What Operating System does Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a use ?
It uses both Windows 32bit and windows 64bit operating systems.
How does Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a work ?
Click any menu-item or any toolbar button of your choice.
When you click a menu-item or toolbar button corresponding to a matrix operation,
for example; matrix determinant, a popup window will tell you to enter the number of
rows and number of columns(both of these must be integers).
After you have entered both the number of rows, and number of columns and pressed
the OK button, the data entry window will display all data entry of matrix elements of a
matrix until when you are done. When you are done with entering the matrix elements,
the solution window will display the result to the given matrix operation.
What are the valid characters for number of rows or number of columns?
the characters are: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 In addition, let m be the number of rows and let n
be number of columns
m>=1 and m<=95,n>=1 and n<=95
This is the only software around especially online with this unprecedented
mathematical precision.
What are the valid characters for matrix elements?
the characters are: - , . , 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9
In addition, a matrix element can be a positive or negative integer or
floating point number (a number with or without a decimal point).
Can I use letters in the entry of matrix elements?
No. Letters constitute neither integers nor floating point numbers.
Is Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a User-friendly? Yes. Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a is indeed user-friendly
in that, it has pop-up menus, toolbar, and custom messages.It also has a help window
inbuilt within the software itself.
What is the price of Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a?
The price is only US$ 39.95.

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