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                                   Free Download(Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a)

                                         LINEAR ALGEBRA UNLEASHED 2.1a
Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a is a matrix calculator that solves for and displays the solutions to almost all

operations with regards matrix algebra or linear algebra. Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a does this with great 

mathematical precision. That is: Up to the order of 95x95. The operations that Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a handles

are: Matrix Addition, Matrix Multiplication, Matrix Transpose, Upper Triangular matrix,Lower Triangular

matrix, Rank of a Matrix, Gauss-Jordan Elimination, Gauss-Siedel Iteration, Jacobi Iteration, Row Echelon Form,

Reduced Row Echelon Form, Matrix of Minors, Cofactor Matrix, Adjoint, Determinant, Inverse, Eigen Analysis,

Normal of a matrix, Trace of a matrix, and Simultaneous Equations. Please Note that

the Data Entry of Matrix Elements is as Forth-Coming as taking a cup of tea. The solutions to all Matrix

Operations are solved for and displayed with a similar margin of commitment. This software is handy for

high-school, college, under-graduate and Post-Graduate students of both Mathematics and Engineering. Linear

Algebra Unleashed 2.1a is shareware and can be downloaded directly from this website or from our partner or

affiliate websites where the shareware version of Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a has been placed. Linear Algebra

Unleashed 2.1a is incredibly affordable given what the software can do.

Price: US$39.95 (For 1 License).

Prices Lower with multiple licenses

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   What's new in Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a
       -Matrix Guru Ultimate replaced by Linear
        Algebra Unleashed.
       -!00% enabled during trial period.
       -A longer trial period (14 days).
       -Improved Data Entry process.
       -Improved Solution display.
       -Gauss-Jordan Elimination.
       -Gauss-Siedel Iteration.
       -Jacobi Iteration.
       -Reduced Row Echelon form.
       -Eigen Analysis.
       -Normal of a matrix.
       -Trace of a matrix.
       -Editing within Listview controls by the
        use of a mouse and typing.
       -Saving and retrieving of matrix data.
       -Saving, Opening and updating (Pause and resume).
       -A matrix File Format (*.mat)

Free Download(Linear Algebra Unleashed 2.1a)

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