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Matrix Guru™ 2.0

             Free Download(Matrix Guru™ 2.0)
Matrix guru 2.0 is a software that handles almost all aspects of matrix algebra. This is

done with great mathematical precision. That is: Up to the order of 250x250.This software

is of great use to High School, College, Under-graduate and Post-graduate students of

both Mathematics and engineering.This software handles Matrix Addition, Matrix

Multiplication, Matrix Transpose,Upper Triangular,Lower Triangular,simultaneous

equations, row echelon form. Matrix guru 2.0 can also find the Cofactor

matrix, adjoint, determinant and inverse of any nxn matrix of any order, atleast up to

the order of 250x250.

->Imagine finding the determinant and inverse of an nxn matrix with an order of 250x250.

->Imagine finding the sum, product of matrices with an order of 250x250
What's new in Matrix Guru™ 2.0
       -The OK button is now associated with the Enter key.
       -Less files in the Matrix Guru™ 2.0 Installation Directory.
       -All users of the computer(not just the Administrator) can use the software.
       -All shotcuts of the software are user friendly.
Free Download(Matrix Guru™ 2.0)
Matrix Guru™ 1.0 Shotcut Deletion Tool
 Due to public demand, we have written and released the Matrix Guru 1.0 startup Shortcut deletion tool.
 This is because of the difficulty that users encountered in trying to delete this shortcut.
 This deletion tool is now available as a free download.
 You can download it below.
            Free Download(Matrix Guru™ 1.0 Shortcut deletion tool)
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